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How to | Get a closet makeover

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Does your closet need an upgrade? Chances are it does! If your closet has one standard pole with a wood shelf or one white wired shelf you are not maximizing your closet’s potential! Before I moved in with my husband I told him I had to redo all of the closets in his house. After the installation he was amazed by how efficient our closets became and how much more space we had when they were designed properly. Most people wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time because they can't find or access all of their clothing (or the clothes don’t fit…we will talk about this later in the year).

Before elfa®

elfa® is 30% off for the next few weeks at the Container Store. Joorganized offers a $100 in-home consultation that includes a design of your space (Minnesota clients only).

After elfa®

Custom elfa® closets store your wardrobe in style. Solid Drawers are available in two widths, hold sweaters, tops and accessories. When it's time to switch over your wardrobe, simply remove the drawers, add a lid (sold separately) and stack on a shelf. Angled Solid Metal Shelves are ideal for storing all your shoes. elfa® gives you the flexibility to create the closet you've always wanted and be able to change the configuration when the need arises. Mesh Drawers (available in two widths and three depths) hold sweaters and accessories, while Gliding Shoe Racks organize your shoes and keep them handy. Adjustable Ventilated Shelving and Hanging Space can be rearranged to suit your needs. Click here for more pictures!

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