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How to | Start new habits in 2019

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

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How do you stay organized? You first need to get there! Start small and allow yourself the entire year to get organized. It is not an overnight process.

*Easy habits to incorporate into your routine in 2016: wake up 15 minutes earlier

start or unload the dishwasher

fold laundry

make your bed

pack your lunch

take out the garbage

Weekly or daily tasks that nobody wants to do but are essential to keeping your house organized.

*To Do list didn't work in 2015? Try making a To Don’t list in 2016!

*Kitchen - start small with spices or refrigerator

*Bedroom - start in your night stand or in one clothing category like shoes

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Ready to tackle a larger project? Blackout 4 hours of time and start in one area of one room. If you take on too much you may set yourself up for failure.

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